3.1. RTEMS Project Support

3.1.1. Users Mailing List

RTEMS offers a variety of support options and ways to contribute to the project. Users can ask their questions on the Users Mailing List. This is a low frequency mailing list intended for topics related to the use of RTEMS. If you are new to RTEMS, please join the list and ask whatever you want.

3.1.2. Documentation

You find the latest set of manuals at the Documentation Site.

3.1.3. All Mailing Lists

We have several mailing lists for RTEMS users and developers:

3.1.4. IRC

RTEMS IRC is available on the Freenode network. See the Freenode web site for details on connecting, selecting a nickname, and general usage tips. If you are new to IRC it is recommended reading.

These is currently only one IRC channel available for RTEMS:


This is a general channel for all things RTEMS. You can just hang out with other RTEMS users and developers to talk about RTEMS, using RTEMS or to make contact with other RTEMS users.

The #rtems channel is logged. You can find the logs at:

You can search the logs using Google by adding

site:rtems.org inurl:irclogs

to your search terms.