9.2.13. lpc24xx (NXP LPC17XX/LPC24XX/LPC40XX)

This BSP offers only several variants. The following variants support the Embedded Artits LPC4088 Developer’s Kit and earlier board generations:

  • lpc17xx_ea_ram

  • lpc17xx_ea_rom_int

  • lpc24xx_ea

  • lpc40xx_ea_ram

  • lpc40xx_ea_rom_int

They can be used as a base line for customization. The basic hardware initialization is performed by the BSP. It can be customized via configuration options and configuration tables. See also <bsp/start-config.h>. Clock Driver

The clock driver of the Cortex-M variants uses the ARMv7-M Systick. The older ARM7TDMI variants use the TMR0 timer module. Console Driver

The console driver supports up to four on-chip UARTs. Initialization can be customized via the lpc24xx_uart_probe_1(), lpc24xx_uart_probe_2() and lpc24xx_uart_probe_3() functions. I2C Bus Driver

I2C bus drivers are registered by the lpc24xx_register_i2c_0(), lpc24xx_register_i2c_1() and lpc24xx_register_i2c_2() functions. The I2C driver does not configure the pins. See also <bsp/i2c.h>. SPI Bus Driver

SPI bus drivers are registered by the lpc24xx_register_ssp_0(), lpc24xx_register_ssp_1() and lpc24xx_register_ssp_2() functions. The SSP driver does not configure the pins. See also <bsp/ssp.h>. Network Interface Driver

Only a legacy network driver is support. For a libbsd base driver the platform support is missing, see if_lpe.c. USB Driver

The USB host driver (OHCI) is provided by the libbsd. Framebuffer Driver

For a custom framebuffer driver see <bsp/lcd.h>. RTC Driver

There is a standard RTC driver available using the on-chip RTC module.