29.5. Directives

This section details the directives of the Multiprocessing Manager. A subsection is dedicated to each of this manager’s directives and lists the calling sequence, parameters, description, return values, and notes of the directive.

29.5.1. rtems_multiprocessing_announce()

Announces the arrival of a packet.


void rtems_multiprocessing_announce( void );


This directive informs RTEMS that a multiprocessing communications packet has arrived from another node. This directive is called by the user-provided MPCI, and is only used in multiprocessing configurations.


This directive is typically called from an ISR.

This directive does not generate activity on remote nodes.


The following constraints apply to this directive:

  • The directive may be called from within interrupt context.

  • The directive may be called from within device driver initialization context.

  • The directive may be called from within task context.

  • The directive may unblock a task. This may cause the calling task to be preempted.