20.3. Operations

20.3.1. Register and Lookup Name

The rtems_io_register directive associates a name with the specified device (i.e. major/minor number pair). Device names are typically registered as part of the device driver initialization sequence. The rtems_io_lookup directive is used to determine the major/minor number pair associated with the specified device name. The use of these directives frees the application from being dependent on the arbitrary assignment of major numbers in a particular application. No device naming conventions are dictated by RTEMS.

20.3.2. Accessing an Device Driver

The I/O manager provides directives which enable the application program to utilize device drivers in a standard manner. There is a direct correlation between the RTEMS I/O manager directives rtems_io_initialize, rtems_io_open, rtems_io_close, rtems_io_read, rtems_io_write, and rtems_io_control and the underlying device driver entry points.