RTEMS  5.0.0
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console-config.c File Reference

Console Configuration. More...

#include <rtems/bspIo.h>
#include <libchip/serial.h>
#include <bspopts.h>
#include <bsp/irq.h>
#include <bsp/usart.h>
#include <bsp/raspberrypi.h>
#include <bsp/fbcons.h>


#define PORT_COUNT


console_tbl Console_Configuration_Ports []
unsigned long Console_Configuration_Count = PORT_COUNT
BSP_output_char_function_type BSP_output_char = output_char
BSP_polling_getchar_function_type BSP_poll_char = NULL

Detailed Description

Console Configuration.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define PORT_COUNT
console_tbl Console_Configuration_Ports[]
Definition: console-config.c:68

Variable Documentation

◆ BSP_output_char

BSP_output_char_function_type BSP_output_char = output_char

This variable points to the BSP provided method to output a character for the purposes of debug output.

It must output only the specific character. It must not perform character translations, e.g. "\n" to "\r\n".

◆ BSP_poll_char

This variable points to the BSP provided method to input a character for the purposes of debug input.

◆ Console_Configuration_Count

unsigned long Console_Configuration_Count = PORT_COUNT

The number of serial ports defined in Console_Configuration_Ports

◆ Console_Configuration_Ports

console_tbl Console_Configuration_Ports[]
Initial value:
= {
.sDeviceName = "/dev/ttyS0",
.deviceType = SERIAL_CUSTOM,
.pDeviceFns = &bcm2835_usart_fns,
.deviceProbe = NULL,
.pDeviceFlow = NULL,
.ulCtrlPort1 = BCM2835_UART0_BASE,
.ulCtrlPort2 = 0,
.ulIntVector = BCM2835_IRQ_ID_UART
.sDeviceName ="/dev/fbcons",
.deviceType = SERIAL_CUSTOM,
.pDeviceFns = &fbcons_fns,
.deviceProbe = fbcons_probe,
.pDeviceFlow = NULL,
#define NULL
Requests a GPIO pin group configuration.
Definition: bestcomm_api.h:77

The statically configured serial port information tables which are used to initially populate the dynamic tables.