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Task Manager Task Priority

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5.2.4: Task Priority

A task's priority determines its importance in relation to the other tasks executing on the same processor. RTEMS supports 255 levels of priority ranging from 1 to 255. The data type rtems_task_priority is used to store task priorities.

Tasks of numerically smaller priority values are more important tasks than tasks of numerically larger priority values. For example, a task at priority level 5 is of higher privilege than a task at priority level 10. There is no limit to the number of tasks assigned to the same priority.

Each task has a priority associated with it at all times. The initial value of this priority is assigned at task creation time. The priority of a task may be changed at any subsequent time.

Priorities are used by the scheduler to determine which ready task will be allowed to execute. In general, the higher the logical priority of a task, the more likely it is to receive processor execution time.

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