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Chapter 3: Makefiles

  • Makefiles Makefiles Used During The BSP Building Process
  • Makefiles Creating a New BSP Make Customization File
  • This chapter discusses the Makefiles associated with a BSP. It does not describe the process of configuring, building, and installing RTEMS. This chapter will not provide detailed information about this process. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that the general process consists of four phases as shown here:

    Developer User Timeline

    During the bootstrap phase, you are using the configure.ac and Makefile.am files as input to GNU autoconf and automake to generate a variety of files. This is done by running the bootstrap script found at the top of the RTEMS source tree.

    During the configure phase, a number of files are generated. These generated files are tailored for the specific host/target combination by the configure script. This set of files includes the Makefiles used to actually compile and install RTEMS.

    During the build phase, the source files are compiled into object files and libraries are built.

    During the install phase, the libraries, header files, and other support files are copied to the BSP specific installation point. After installation is successfully completed, the files generated by the configure and build phases may be removed.

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