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Chapter 1: Introduction

Before reading this documentation, it is strongly advised to read the RTEMS Development Environment Guide to get acquainted with the RTEMS directory structure. This document describes how to do a RTEMS Board Support Package, i.e. how to port RTEMS on a new target board. Discussions are provided for the following topics:

The original version of this manual was written by Geoffroy Montel <g_montel@yahoo.com>. When he started development of the gen68340 BSP, this manual did not exist. He wrote the initial version of this manual as the result of his experiences. At that time, this document was viewed internally as the most important "missing manual" in the RTEMS documentation set.

The gen68340 BSP is a good example of the life of an RTEMS BSP. It is based upon a part not recommended for new designs and none of the core RTEMS Project team members have one of these boards. Thus we are unlikely to perform major updates on this BSP. So as long as it compiles and links all tests, it will be available.

The RTEMS Project team members are always trying to identify common code across BSPs and refactoring the code into shared routines. As part of this effort, the we will enhance the common BSP Framework. Not surprisingly, not every BSP takes advantage of every feature in the framework. The gen68340 does not take advantage of as many features as the ERC32 BSP does. So in many ways, the ERC32 is a better example BSP at this point. But even the ERC32 BSP does not include examples of every driver template and framework available to the BSP author. So in this guide we will try to point out good examples from other BSPs.

Our goal is for you to be able to reuse as much code as possible and write as little board specific code as possible.

PREV UP NEXT Bookshelf BSP and Device Driver Development Guide

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