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rtems/score/timestamp.h File Reference

Helpers for Manipulating Timestamps. More...

#include <sys/time.h>
#include <rtems/score/cpu.h>
#include <rtems/score/timespec.h>
#include <rtems/score/timestamp64.h>
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#define _Timestamp_Set(_time, _seconds, _nanoseconds)   _Timestamp64_Set( _time, _seconds, _nanoseconds )
 Set timestamp to specified seconds and nanoseconds.
#define _Timestamp_Set_to_zero(_time)   _Timestamp64_Set_to_zero( _time )
 Sets the timestamp to zero.
#define _Timestamp_Is_valid(_time)   _Timestamp64_Is_valid( _time )
 Determines the validity of a timestamp.
#define _Timestamp_Less_than(_lhs, _rhs)   _Timestamp64_Less_than( _lhs, _rhs )
 Less than operator for timestamps.
#define _Timestamp_Greater_than(_lhs, _rhs)   _Timestamp_Less_than( _rhs, _lhs )
 Greater than operator for timestamps.
#define _Timestamp_Equal_to(_lhs, _rhs)   _Timestamp64_Equal_to( _lhs, _rhs )
 Equal to than operator for timestamps.
#define _Timestamp_Add_to(_time, _add)   _Timestamp64_Add_to( _time, _add )
 Adds two timestamps.
#define _Timestamp_To_ticks(_time)   _Timestamp64_To_ticks( _time )
 Convert timestamp to number of clock ticks.
#define _Timestamp_From_ticks(_ticks, _time)   _Timestamp64_From_ticks( _ticks, _time )
 Converts the _ticks value to timestamp format.
#define _Timestamp_Subtract(_start, _end, _result)   _Timestamp64_Subtract( _start, _end, _result )
 Subtracts two timestamps.
#define _Timestamp_Divide_by_integer(_time, _iterations, _result)   _Timestamp64_Divide_by_integer( _time, _iterations, _result )
 Divides a timestamp by an integer value.
#define _Timestamp_Divide(_lhs, _rhs, _ival_percentage, _fval_percentage)   _Timestamp64_Divide( _lhs, _rhs, _ival_percentage, _fval_percentage )
 Divides a timestamp by another timestamp.
#define _Timestamp_Get_seconds(_time)   _Timestamp64_Get_seconds( _time )
 Get seconds portion of timestamp.
#define _Timestamp_Get_nanoseconds(_time)   _Timestamp64_Get_nanoseconds( _time )
 Get nanoseconds portion of timestamp.
#define _Timestamp_Get_As_nanoseconds(_timestamp, _nanoseconds)   _Timestamp64_Get_As_nanoseconds( _timestamp, _nanoseconds )
 Get the timestamp as nanoseconds.
#define _Timestamp_To_timespec(_timestamp, _timespec)   _Timestamp64_To_timespec( _timestamp, _timespec )
 Convert timestamp to struct timespec.
#define _Timestamp_To_timeval(_timestamp, _timeval)   _Timestamp64_To_timeval( _timestamp, _timeval )
 Convert timestamp to struct timeval.


typedef Timestamp64_Control Timestamp_Control
 Define the Timestamp control type.

Detailed Description

Helpers for Manipulating Timestamps.

This include file contains helpers for manipulating timestamps.