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threadq.h File Reference

Constants and Structures Needed to Declare a Thread Queue. More...

#include <rtems/score/chain.h>
#include <rtems/score/isrlock.h>
#include <rtems/score/priority.h>
#include <rtems/score/rbtree.h>
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Data Structures

struct  Thread_queue_Priority_queue
 Thread priority queue. More...
struct  _Thread_queue_Heads
 Thread queue heads. More...
struct  Thread_queue_Queue
struct  Thread_queue_Operations
 Thread queue operations. More...
struct  Thread_queue_Control
 This is the structure used to manage sets of tasks which are blocked waiting to acquire a resource. More...


#define THREAD_QUEUE_HEADS_SIZE(scheduler_count)   sizeof( Thread_queue_Heads )


typedef struct _Thread_Control Thread_Control
typedef struct _Thread_queue_Heads Thread_queue_Heads
 Thread queue heads. More...
typedef void(* Thread_queue_Priority_change_operation) (Thread_Control *the_thread, Priority_Control new_priority, Thread_queue_Queue *queue)
 Thread queue priority change operation. More...
typedef void(* Thread_queue_Enqueue_operation) (Thread_queue_Queue *queue, Thread_Control *the_thread)
 Thread queue enqueue operation. More...
typedef void(* Thread_queue_Extract_operation) (Thread_queue_Queue *queue, Thread_Control *the_thread)
 Thread queue extract operation. More...
typedef Thread_Control *(* Thread_queue_First_operation) (Thread_queue_Heads *heads)
 Thread queue first operation. More...


 The following enumerated type details all of the disciplines supported by the Thread Queue Handler.

Detailed Description

Constants and Structures Needed to Declare a Thread Queue.

This include file contains all the constants and structures needed to declare a thread queue.