RTEMS CPU Kit with SuperCore
Data Fields
rtems_disk_device Struct Reference

Description of a disk device (logical and physical disks). More...

#include <diskdevs.h>

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Data Fields

dev_t dev
 Device identifier (concatenation of major and minor number).
 Physical device identifier (equals the dev entry if it specifies a physical device).
uint32_t capabilities
 Driver capabilities.
char * name
 Disk device name.
unsigned uses
 Usage counter. More...
rtems_blkdev_bnum start
 Start media block number. More...
rtems_blkdev_bnum size
 Size of the physical or logical disk in media blocks.
uint32_t media_block_size
 Media block size in bytes. More...
uint32_t block_size
 Block size in bytes. More...
rtems_blkdev_bnum block_count
 Block count. More...
uint32_t media_blocks_per_block
 Media blocks per device blocks. More...
int block_to_media_block_shift
 Block to media block shift. More...
size_t bds_per_group
 Buffer descriptors per group count. More...
rtems_block_device_ioctl ioctl
 IO control handler for this disk.
void * driver_data
 Private data for the disk driver.
bool deleted
 Indicates that this disk should be deleted as soon as the last user releases this disk.
rtems_blkdev_stats stats
 Device statistics for this disk.
rtems_blkdev_read_ahead read_ahead
 Read-ahead control for this disk.

Detailed Description

Description of a disk device (logical and physical disks).

An array of pointer tables to rtems_disk_device structures is maintained. The first table will be indexed by the major number and the second table will be indexed by the minor number. This allows quick lookup using a data structure of moderated size.

Field Documentation

size_t rtems_disk_device::bds_per_group

Buffer descriptors per group count.

See also
rtems_blkdev_bnum rtems_disk_device::block_count

Block count.

See also
uint32_t rtems_disk_device::block_size

Block size in bytes.

This is the minimum transfer unit. It may be a multiple of the media block size. It must be positive.

See also
int rtems_disk_device::block_to_media_block_shift

Block to media block shift.

In case this value is non-negative the media block of a block can be calculated as media block = block << block_to_media_block_shift, otherwise a 64-bit operation will be used.

See also
uint32_t rtems_disk_device::media_block_size

Media block size in bytes.

This is the media transfer unit the hardware defaults to.

uint32_t rtems_disk_device::media_blocks_per_block

Media blocks per device blocks.

See also
rtems_blkdev_bnum rtems_disk_device::start

Start media block number.

Equals zero for physical devices. It is a media block offset to the related physical device for logical device.

unsigned rtems_disk_device::uses

Usage counter.

Devices cannot be deleted if they are in use.

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