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rbheap.h File Reference

Red-Black Tree Heap API. More...

#include <rtems.h>
#include <rtems/chain.h>
#include <rtems/rbtree.h>
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Data Structures

struct  rtems_rbheap_chunk
 Red-black heap chunk descriptor. More...
struct  rtems_rbheap_control
 Red-black heap control. More...


#define rtems_rbheap_chunk_of_node(node)   RTEMS_CONTAINER_OF(node, rtems_rbheap_chunk, tree_node)


typedef struct rtems_rbheap_control rtems_rbheap_control
typedef void(* rtems_rbheap_extend_descriptors) (rtems_rbheap_control *control)
 Handler to extend the available chunk descriptors. More...


rtems_status_code rtems_rbheap_initialize (rtems_rbheap_control *control, void *area_begin, uintptr_t area_size, uintptr_t alignment, rtems_rbheap_extend_descriptors extend_descriptors, void *handler_arg)
 Initializes the red-black tree heap control. More...
void * rtems_rbheap_allocate (rtems_rbheap_control *control, size_t size)
 Allocates a chunk of memory of at least size bytes from the red-black tree heap control. More...
rtems_status_code rtems_rbheap_free (rtems_rbheap_control *control, void *ptr)
 Frees a chunk of memory ptr allocated from the red-black tree heap control. More...
void rtems_rbheap_extend_descriptors_never (rtems_rbheap_control *control)
 Chunk descriptor extend handler that does nothing.
void rtems_rbheap_extend_descriptors_with_malloc (rtems_rbheap_control *control)
 Chunk descriptor extend handler that uses malloc().

Detailed Description

Red-Black Tree Heap API.