RTEMS CPU Kit with SuperCore
Here is a list of all modules:
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 UARTDriver interface for APBUART
 BootcardStandard system startup
 SPARCDebug Definitions
 GRCANMacros used for grcan controller
 SpaceWireGRSPW Device Driver
 I2C-masterDriver for GRLIB port of OpenCores I2C-master
 BSP Interrupt SupportGeneric BSP Interrupt Support
 LEON3 SupportLEON3 support package
 Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) DriverInter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) bus and device driver support
 Associativity Routines
 Block Device LibraryBlock device modules
 BSD Compatibility Support
 BSP Command Line HelpersBSP Command Line Handler
 Kernel Print SupportThis module contains all methods and support related to providing kernel level print support
 Benchmark Timer Driver InterfaceThis module defines the interface for the Benchmark Timer Driver
 RTEMS Capture EngineCapture Engine Component of the RTEMS Measurement and Monitoring System
 RTEMS ConfigurationThis module contains all RTEMS Configuration parameters
 RTEMS Malloc configurationThis module contains parameters related to configuration of the RTEMS Malloc implementation
 POSIX API Configuration ParametersThis module contains the parameters related to configuration of the POSIX API services
 CPU UsageCPU Usage Report
 Null Device Driver
 Zero Device Driver
 Print Memory Buffer
 Frame Buffer Device Driver Interface
 Standard C Library SupportRTEMS Specific Support for the Standard C Library
 I2C LibraryI2C library
 IO LibraryProvides system call and file system interface definitions
 IO Internal LibraryInternal IO library API and implementation
 Media ManagerRemovable media support
 Mouse Parser Engine
 Input Devices for MicroWindowsInput Devices for MicroWindows
 RTEMS POSIX APIRTEMS POSIX API definitions and modules
 Profiling SupportThe profiling support offers functions to report profiling information available in the system
 Real-Time Clock Driver InterfaceThis driver interface provides support to read and set the real-time clock and to initialize the time of day for the system
 Local PackagesLocal packages
 RTEMS Application LoaderThe module implements an application loader for files in the RAP format
 RTEMS Runtime Link EditorThe module implements a runtime link editor with the standard dlopen, and dlclose family of functions
 SuperCoreProvides services for all APIs
 Profiling SupportProfiling support
 Serial Mouse Driver
 Stack Checker MechanismStack Checker Information
 Status Checks
 Conversion HelpersConvert String to Pointer (with validation)
 Test SupportTest support functions
 Timecounter Support
 RTCSet the RTC
 Untar Image
 IDLE Thread Configuration
 Configuration Thread Stack Size
 Initialization Tasks Configuration
 Device Driver Table Configuration
 Configuration of LIBBLOCK
 Multiprocessing Configuration
 GNAT/RTEMS Configuration
 GCC Go Configuration