RTEMS CPU Kit with SuperCore
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message.h File Reference
#include <rtems/rtems/types.h>
#include <rtems/rtems/status.h>
#include <rtems/rtems/options.h>
#include <rtems/rtems/attr.h>
#include <rtems/score/object.h>
#include <rtems/score/coremsg.h>
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Data Structures

struct  Message_queue_Control
 The following records define the control block used to manage each message queue. More...


rtems_status_code rtems_message_queue_create (rtems_name name, uint32_t count, size_t max_message_size, rtems_attribute attribute_set, rtems_id *id)
 RTEMS Create Message Queue. More...
rtems_status_code rtems_message_queue_ident (rtems_name name, uint32_t node, rtems_id *id)
 RTEMS Message Queue Name to Id. More...
rtems_status_code rtems_message_queue_delete (rtems_id id)
 RTEMS Delete Message Queue. More...
rtems_status_code rtems_message_queue_send (rtems_id id, const void *buffer, size_t size)
 rtems_message_queue_send More...
rtems_status_code rtems_message_queue_urgent (rtems_id id, const void *buffer, size_t size)
 RTEMS Urgent Message Queue. More...
rtems_status_code rtems_message_queue_broadcast (rtems_id id, const void *buffer, size_t size, uint32_t *count)
 RTEMS Broadcast Message Queue. More...
rtems_status_code rtems_message_queue_receive (rtems_id id, void *buffer, size_t *size, rtems_option option_set, rtems_interval timeout)
 RTEMS Message Queue Receive. More...
rtems_status_code rtems_message_queue_flush (rtems_id id, uint32_t *count)
 rtems_message_queue_flush More...
rtems_status_code rtems_message_queue_get_number_pending (rtems_id id, uint32_t *count)
 RTEMS Message Queue Get Number Pending. More...