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fs.h File Reference

Basic Filesystem Types. More...

#include <rtems/chain.h>
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Data Structures

struct  rtems_filesystem_location_info_tt
 File system location. More...
struct  rtems_filesystem_global_location_t
 Global file system location. More...


#define rtems_filesystem_location_mount(_pl)   ((_pl)->mt_entry)


typedef struct rtems_libio_tt rtems_libio_t
typedef struct rtems_filesystem_mount_table_entry_tt rtems_filesystem_mount_table_entry_t
typedef struct _rtems_filesystem_file_handlers_r rtems_filesystem_file_handlers_r
typedef struct _rtems_filesystem_operations_table rtems_filesystem_operations_table
typedef struct rtems_filesystem_location_info_tt rtems_filesystem_location_info_t
 File system location.
typedef struct rtems_filesystem_global_location_t rtems_filesystem_global_location_t
 Global file system location. More...

Detailed Description

Basic Filesystem Types.

This file defines basic filesystem types

Typedef Documentation

Global file system location.

The global file system locations are used for

  • the mount point location in the mount table entry,
  • the file system root location in the mount table entry,
  • the root directory location in the user environment, and
  • the current directory location in the user environment.

During the path evaluation global start locations are obtained to ensure that the current file system will be not unmounted in the meantime.

To support a release within critical sections of the operating system a deferred release is supported. This is similar to malloc() and free().

See also
rtems_filesystem_global_location_obtain() and rtems_filesystem_global_location_release().