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fs.h File Reference

Basic Filesystem Types. More...

#include <rtems/chain.h>
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Data Structures

struct  rtems_filesystem_location_info_tt
 File system location. More...
struct  rtems_filesystem_global_location_t
 Global file system location. More...


#define rtems_filesystem_location_mount(_pl)   ((_pl)->mt_entry)


typedef struct rtems_libio_tt rtems_libio_t
typedef struct rtems_filesystem_mount_table_entry_tt rtems_filesystem_mount_table_entry_t
typedef struct _rtems_filesystem_file_handlers_r rtems_filesystem_file_handlers_r
typedef struct _rtems_filesystem_operations_table rtems_filesystem_operations_table
typedef struct rtems_filesystem_location_info_tt rtems_filesystem_location_info_t
 File system location.
typedef struct rtems_filesystem_global_location_t rtems_filesystem_global_location_t
 Global file system location. More...

Detailed Description

Basic Filesystem Types.

This file defines basic filesystem types