2.5. Bootstrap the RTEMS Sources

You installed the tool suite in your installation prefix and cloned two RTEMS repositories in the previous sections. We installed the tool suite in $HOME/quick-start/rtems/5 and cloned the repositories in $HOME/quick-start/src.

If you use source archives of a released RTEMS version, then you can skip this section.

Before you can build a Board Support Package (BSP) for your target hardware, you have to bootstrap the build system in the RTEMS sources. This is only necessary, if you use a Git repository clone of the RTEMS sources. You have to do this after a fresh repository clone and sometimes after build system file updates (e.g. after a git pull). If you are not a build system expert, then do the bootstrap after each update of build system files. This is a bit annoying, but improving the build system is a complex and time consuming undertaking. Feel free to help the RTEMS Project to improve it. For the bootstrap it is important that the right version of Autotools (autoconf and automake) are in your $PATH. The right version of Autotools is shipped with the RTEMS tool suite you already installed.

cd $HOME/quick-start/src/rtems
export PATH=$HOME/quick-start/rtems/5/bin:"$PATH"
./bootstrap -c

These commands should output something like this (omitted lines are denoted by …):

removing automake generated Makefile.in files
removing configure files
removing aclocal.m4 files
$ $HOME/quick-start/src/rsb/source-builder/sb-bootstrap
RTEMS Source Builder - RTEMS Bootstrap, 5 (f07504d27192)
  1/120: autoreconf: configure.ac
  2/120: autoreconf: c/configure.ac
  3/120: autoreconf: c/src/configure.ac
  4/120: autoreconf: c/src/lib/libbsp/arm/configure.ac
120/120: autoreconf: testsuites/tmtests/configure.ac
Bootstrap time: 0:00:48.744222